A video has gone viral of a nun interrupting a photo shoot in Italy to physically shove apart two girls mid-kiss.

Italian models Serena de Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were shooting for Not Yet Magazine when an apparently homophobic nun dressed in white came up to the pair on the street and shoved them apart.

Both models laughed in shock as the nun scolded them and the magazine crew in Italian.

The magazine posted footage the moment on Instagram with the caption, "When you go viral but not for something good..."

In a tongue-in-cheek move, the post contains the original video plus an edit of it going viral in the media set to "One Kiss" by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris.

"EDITORIAL OUT SOON," the caption promises. See below:

Despite the apparent homophobia, the models took the interruption in stride. Plus, it seems the attention has garnered a larger audience for the magazine; many are now waiting to see how the final photos turned out.

And of course, the internet had lots to say after the video went viral, mostly in support of the two models.

"Waiting for those fierce photos, keep the love coming!" a commenter wrote on Instagram.

"The girls are Italian. Kissing in the street is about as Italian as you can get," one Twitter user noted.

"Wait what nuns still exist," another user tweeted.

Using the TikTok transition trend featuring AJR's song "The Good Part," the magazine followed up their first post with some shots from the day.

"We went viral but can we skip to the good part? Can’t wait to share our interview and photo shoot with the amazing @serenaltair and @kyshanwiilson, soon in our next issue! Stay tuned," the magazine wrote on Instagram.

From the sneak peeks, it seems like the photos still turned out well, despite the nun's outburst derailing the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, model de Ferrari also poked fun at the situation on her Instagram Story with a meme suggesting the nun wasn't upset about the kiss but was rather just calling the model's shoes "demonic."

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