Coming to terms with one's sexuality can be challenging. On Mumsnet, one woman, who is gay, is struggling with her decision to stay her husband for the sake of their young children.

Sharing her story on the parenting forum, she explained she "can't physically leave" the house she currently lives in with her husband and children, as she can't afford to move out.

"I do love him and the relationship between him and the children. They would be heartbroken without their dad and I would be heartbroken without them so it’s all a massive mess," she wrote, asking other users if they had "stayed" with their significant others "until the children were older," so as not to destroy the family unit.

In a second post, the woman revealed her husband found out she was gay a few months ago but has refused to leave the relationship, as he believes she will eventually change her mind.

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"20 years into marriage and [he's] saying it’s all a mid-life crisis and will pass," the woman concluded.

In the comments sections, users sympathized with both the woman and her husband.

"It's your life, you can do it however you like but clear you liked this man enough at some point to date, marry and have sex so presumably you care enough about him to be honest about how you feel so that he can make the decision on how he wants to live his life," one person wrote.

"What about your husband ? Surely that's not fair? It's better to be truthful and your children will thank you in the long run," another commented.

"I think your husband's reaction is a natural one if you have only just told him after 20yrs marriage and children. Disbelief and a hope that it's not true. That will change I expect as it sinks in. What you do then is not just your decision to make," someone else weighed in.

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