The pleas and recommendations from residents fell on deaf ears, as the vote goes against residents' wishes for the former golf course.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the Planning and Zoning Commission has heard from residents wanting to keep the golf course as a green space, but the commission has decided to go against those wishes and turn the golf course into a housing development.

The vote was 4-2 to change the zoning from Agriculture Estate to Planned Development District for Housing Development and Shopping Center.

The approval is on the condition that the developer goes by the staff recommendations to stay with the site plan, to require each lot to stay within the setbacks of the front, side, and rear yards, and to keep landscaping and signs within the city code.

Several of the residents in opposition wanted an independent drainage study to be done after a flood in July threatened to flood several homes in the Grasslands West area.

Site developing personnel said that a drainage study would have to be conducted to go forward with the plans of a housing development anyway.

The Planning and Zoning Commission stated that their vote is only a recommendation and that the final vote on the fate of Nueva Vista Golf Course lies in the hands of City Council.

The residents of Grasslands West are urged to keep in contact with their representative on City Council and keep letting them know their concerns about the area and ideas on how to develop the old golf course.


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