We officially have three weeks left to Daylight Savings time-and then Texas, just like 31 other states in the Union-will "Fall Back" an hour to Standard Time once again. We lose daylight but gain an hour of sleep. And for a lot of people, the hour of sleep we gain is enough to make this outdated practice still ok for them. I'm a summertime guy. I like my daylight and longer days with light until 9 pm-ish. Maybe it's the kid in me that lives on--the one who never wanted it to get dark because then the street lights would come on, and mom would expect me home. The kid who always wanted the street corner baseball game to keep going, or the game of catch with my friends, or the long bike rides up and down the streets in our neighborhood while we talked to each other and we'd run into other friends down the street.

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Ah--but alas I am all grown-up now (at least physically anyway) and I'm still not happy with losing daylight. I think I'd take it a lot easier if the 'dusk' portion of the night lasted at least an hour; that time of night when the transition takes place and the sun goes down, but it's not completely dark yet--just kind of gray... Then I'd probably really like it. The time change also messes with your body and sleep schedule. Even though technically you're getting extra sleep-it still throws you off and messes with you. Most likely that's the reason that 19 states agree with me and have passed legislation to be permanently on Daylight Savings. I think it's time that Texas did the same thing! We officially turn the clocks back an hour 3 weeks from now on Sunday, November 7th at 2 am. Still time to hope for legislation!

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