Residents in the Grasslands area of Midland won't mind if the Nueva Vista Golf Course is sold but they do not want it to become a housing development.

According to NewsWest 9, there are plans to close the golf course and sell the land and Midland City Council could vote to rezone the land to have it developed into something else but residents of Grassland Estates want to keep it as a green space.

"We want to save the green space, save the recreation of course, but also preserve the wildlife that is here," said Gayle Moore, a Grassland resident. "We want there to be butterfly gardens and walking trails and make this into a community area that’s good for recreation, that’s a beautiful green space, and that is available for everyone."

A housing development is definitely out of the question to the residents though.

"There’s fear about the schools being overcrowded," said Moore. "There’s fears of the drainage issues that could come. Those are some of the main issues that we are worried about and trying to protect."

Moore is fine with the owners selling the land but she is appreciative of city council for giving residents the opportunity to come up with alternative plans for it.

"We have been working hard to provide alternatives," said Moore. "We of course do want the owner to sell his land, and we also want to be able to keep this area. So coming up with alternatives where we can offer him someone to buy the land that would still keep it green. We are working to provide the walking trails, just the alternatives to make the space available, and it would be a nonprofit organization that could help the city of Midland offer recreation, offer wildlife preservation."

Midland City Council will put the motion up for a vote in the upcoming weeks.

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