Those Whataburger employees must be level-headed.  They serve customers during tense rush hours. They always seem to go the extra mile. That's why here in Texas, there is no other burger joint that compares.

A recent viral TikTok video makes me admire Whataburger workers that much more. The video has been watched over a million times, It starts out relatively routine.

TikTokker @ksuxtoes was casually going through the Whataburger drive-thru at one of two Destin, Florida, locations. She was voguing as her friend was making their order at the speaker. Suddenly, nine seconds in, the driver asks the drive-thru worker a question.

"Are you guys getting robbed right now?" Then there is a mystifying noise on the audio followed by an answer from the drive-thru employee.  That answer was "yea".


Since the TikTok video went viral, there have been numerous attempts to get the Destin Whataburger locations to shed more light on the robbery documented in the post, but no one at Whataburger is commenting.

One of the comments from someone claiming to be working at the Coyote ugly bar across the street from the 101 Harbor Boulevard location claims to have witnessed the whole event.

Other fast food workers said that the restaurants where they work have also often been robbed during the night shift.  They, too, say they continued to help customers during the whole event.  While some may do it, it is not the standard operating procedure, according to numerous managers I talked to who refused to speak on the record.

Workers are often instructed to activate alarms, call the police and cooperate with robbers to avoid violence or harm. Anyone working the drive-thru or in the back making food might not know immediately that any disruption is occurring. They might be operating on auto-pilot continuing to do their jobs.

In any event, it is sad that this happens so often. I feel bad for workers who do so much to serve us and deal with these hazardous situations.

As for the TikTokker who made the viral video, your voguing needs a lot of work.

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