You can't keep Jason Garrett away from the game of football, and NFL fans have reacted to his new football team.

According to The Spun, Garrett's new football team is the NBC Football Night in America team.

Garrett will replace Drew Brees after only one year of being an analyst for FNIA following his retirement from the New Orleans Saints after the 2020 NFL season.

Brees left to spend more time with his family and NBC has found their new analyst for the pregame shows in Jason Garrett.

He might also replace Brees on the broadcasts of Notre Dame football games that NBC has exclusive rights to, but a final decision has not been made on that yet.

Garrett was hired as the Offensive Coordinator for the New York Giants after his contract was not renewed for the head coaching job of the Cowboys in January 2020 but was fired from the Giants this past November.

Jason Garrett posted an 87-70 record in his 9 1/2 seasons as head coach of the Cowboys and he was the second longest-tenured head coach of the Cowboys following Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry.

But fans have different reactions to NBC's hire of Jason Garrett, some are not so excited.

"Why? So he explains the virtues of 7-yard comeback routes on 3rd and 10? How the most important part of coaching is clapping?" one fan asked.

"Hardly a draw. They scraped the bottom of the talent barrel for this one. Never won anything in Dallas," stated another fan.

There are some fans though that are excited by NBC's decision.

"Excellent choice. I always like how Jason handled himself in interviews. He is very intelligent, went to Princeton," said one fan.

Cowboys fans I am sure have mixed reviews about Jason Garrett's new job as well.



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