I don't know how exactly this Whataburger vs. In-N-Out battle began, but I am ready to fight for our beloved Whataburger!

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A quick Google search will show you that this battle goes far,

Living in Texas, we all know that Whataburger is king. We love it and it's delicious honey butter biscuit! However, many believe that In-N-Out is much better- which sounds ridiculous, right?

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Well, recently, the war was reignited when someone on Instagram uploaded this video and decided to call out our beloved Whataburger, check it out below:

Clearly, this is some after hours insanity- and I don't know how I feel about it.

We've all been to a Whataburger after hours, right? After a party, concert, quince or wedding. That late-night craving for a number 4 is especially intense after a bit of partying. Imagine you're trying to enjoy your meal and suddenly this happens at Whataburger, what would you do? Join in?

In the comments section of this video- many agreed that Whataburger would never- because Whataburger would do the right thing and let the man finish! Someone commented:

You're right Whataburger would let you finish then give you something for free cause you made people happy.

I have never witnessed this kind of insanity at a Whataburger during after hours; things like this usually are happening in the parking lot. All I know is that whoever posted this video wants to start a war with Whataburger and I think we can all agree that no, Whataburger would never, we would do it better!

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