Let me start by saying that you should NOT play the video below if you are at work and other people will be offended by swearing, because the video showing the ridiculous driver in Dallas, Texas has foul language. Although, I have to admit it would be difficult for me not to swear if I saw someone driving on the highway at a high rate of speed with the hood to their car popped up making it difficult for them to see the road. 

As soon as I started watching the video all I could think about was that old Chris Farley movie, “Tommy Boy”. That movie has a scene where two actors were driving, and the hood popped up on their vehicle making it impossible to see and drive safely. The problem with this driver in Dallas is that they meant to be driving down the road like this, putting other people in danger.  

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Driving With Your Hood Up on the Highway is a Horrible Idea 

I cannot imagine what this person was thinking, I understand having to get places. But if you are putting yourself and other drivers in danger with your vehicle being on the road, maybe it’s best just to call an Uber or Lyft until you get your hood secured to your vehicle.  

This Driver Is Lucky They Didn’t Get a Ticket 

If an officer saw this happening, there would be a citation issued almost immediately because of the dangerous choices that this driver decided to make. Be careful with the volume of this video due to bad language but here is the video of the crazy driver in Dallas. 

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