Yesterday, (September 26, 2019) the brand new convention center in Midland opened and is ready for events.

According to NewsWest 9, the Barbara and George H.W. Bush Convention Center as it is called, is now open after 2 years of construction and at a cost of $43 million.

Brad Barnett, Executive Director of the Midland Chamber of Commerce, says the center is ready to bring revenue to the city of Midland.

“If you look at the total economic impact, because our job is to get people to come to Midland, spend money, stay in a hotel.. our estimated economic impact is about $6.4 million a year."

That is almost double the amount that the former convention center brought in.

Barnett also says that over 400 events have already been booked for the upcoming year.

Barnett also says the adjoining Centennial park should be open soon for even more economic impact.

“We’re trying to shoot for a May 1 open on the park. Obviously with construction we’re being very careful, because depending what the winter is like, whether it’s too wet or too cold.. that’s a huge deal. And with construction, we’re talking about bringing in the spring about 120 new trees,"

They will be having tours of the new 3-level facility, if you are interested in getting in on one of the tours you are encouraged to visit the Bush Convention Center website.


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