Midland Independent School District has announced that students who will be going to the new Legacy High School in Midland have the opportunity to choose the new logo to represent their school.

According to NewsWest 9, the students will have the choice of four Revolutionary War Rebels to choose from before the new school year gets underway in August.

Voting will be going on all this week and students will have to vote on an online ballot.

Student IDs will be used so students can only vote once, that way there will be no packing the votes.

The winner will be decided in a simple majority and there will be a runoff in case of a tie.

Everything else but the name of the school will remain the same for the new Legacy High School, colors will still be maroon and white, Rebels will still be the mascot, it will just be a Revolutionary War Rebel and not one from the Confederacy.

The only unknown is whether the old Lee logo with the bottom part of the "L" supporting the two "E's."

I say just change the two "E's" to an "H" and a "S" and you can still use that logo.

Being a graduate of the former Lee High School back in 1984 I am OK with the logo being changed and rebranded.

I am probably one of the few, but I believe if it is an offensive name and era for some people, then it is not worth keeping if it makes a group of people feel inferior to another group.

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