Just another thing happening that is looking more like the old normal, Medical Center Hospital is now allowing visitors on the COVID-19 floor.

According to NewsWest 9, starting today (May 3, 2021), the barricades are coming down and people can now visit patients on the COVID-19 floor of Medical Center Hospital.

"We're at our lowest COVID numbers in more than a year so we felt it was time to start allowing people back in the building. Now this is obviously not going to be a free for all again where you can just come in and roam around. That's the last thing we want," said Trevor Tankersly, MCH director of public relations.

Medical Center Hospital is allowing one visitor per day on the COVID-19 floor, they must have the proper PPE on, they cannot come and go from the hospital, and the visit must be prearranged and scheduled by the nurse on the COVID-19 floor.

"We don't want those large crowds still in the waiting room as we're still battling this virus, but we are just trying to open it up for more people to come in and see their loved ones in a very safe and responsible way," Tankersly said.

This takes a load off of the nurses and staff.

"From those that I've talked to it's a good thing. Our workers have worked so hard during this pandemic. They've had to be nurses, doctors, while also having to be caretakers and people as well. They're having to facilitate phone calls and Facetimes in addition to their normal clinical duties," Tankersly said.

ORMC is still only allowing visitors on it's COVID-19 floor if it is an end of life situation or a pediatric, laboring, or postpartum patient.

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