I had a phone call from a friend recently. He wanted to do something that is long overdue.

"I heard a message at church last weekend and I feel like this is something I need to do..."

We've all noticed it. We have a noticeable lack of something West Texas is famous for: Friendliness. Whether it's on the road or in the line at the local grocery store, there seems to be an underlying animosity, an anger or contempt that has invaded our great cities.

You can blame the 'new folks' to the area, and most do, chem-trails, HAARP; I blame the water. Really, have you tasted it lately, it's especially awful.  Regardless of the reason, my friend TJ felt convicted to do something about it, so he started a Facebook Page to try to remind us what we have lost here. He describes the page as:

'This is a place to share positive and encouraging examples of kindness and generosity throughout the Permian Basin.
Through the chaos of the recent boom we often forget how blessed we are. We are so rushed and stressed in our daily lives that we don't always recognize kindness and generosity around us. Let's stop an think about those moments. Thank someone who made your day brighter. Mention an act of friendliness no matter how large or small. Let's make the Permian Basin friendly again.'

'LIKE' and 'SHARE' your stories of 'the good things' that make the Permian Basin a great place to live, and its people, the best in the world!

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