Just as Netflix decided to revamp its ratings system, so too is your binge habit getting an upgrade. Users have observed a new feature that allows one to skip the opening credits of a given episode, and get straight to the good stuff.

Netflix has apparently been testing the feature over a month or so, though with a sizable chunk of Marvel fans tuning in for Friday’s Iron Fist binge, Entertainment Weekly confirmed a “Skip” feature now present for opening credits. The button only appears when using Netflix in a web browser, rather than on apps.

Also worth noting, the feature is usable on both Netflix original series like Stranger Things and Orange Is the New Black, or third-party shows licensed to the streaming service. Certain Netflix apps already skip past opening credits, so long as no cold open precedes the title credits between episodes.

No doubt Netflix will continue refining its interface, especially with plans to double its original library in 2017, and recruit every standup comic under the sun. What other features should they look to add?

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