The Scream movies had a hard enough time keeping Sidney Prescott in peril for three sequels, so might MTV’s TV adaptation already need its own reboot? That’s the word on Season 3, as Dimension TV is apparently looking to scrap the current storyline and cast.

Even as MTV already renewed its modern Scream for a third, shortened season, Deadline reports that Dimension TV is pursuing a rebooted storyline with all-new cast to flee its masked killer. The plan is tentative for the time being, and dependent on a new showrunner to “shape the concept for Season 3,” though the cast has apparently been given permission to pursue other jobs.

Season 2 saw showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register taking the reins from Jill Blotevogel, but only managed 341,000 viewers for its finale, a far cry from the 1.03 million viewers Scream began with. The series also aired a Halloween special in October, which may now serve as a de facto resolution.

The change also partly owes to MTV’s own internal revamp, but is a second stab at Scream the right way to go? Can the same meta-horror approach with a third cast of characters?

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