It’s morphin’ time on Netflix.

When the latest Power Rangers series, Dino Fury, returns for its second season next year, it’ll do it at a new home. Netflix has reportedly acquired the rights to be the exclusive U.S. home for Dino Fury Season 2 from the franchise’s owners, the toy company HasbroPower Rangers’ TV home for the last decade has been Nickelodeon, following prior stints on Fox and ABC Kids.

While the new episodes won’t premiere until 2022, the first season of Dino Fury is already available on Netflix, along with nine total seasons of Power Rangers from the series’ long history. (Believe it or not, Season 2 of Power Rangers: Dino Fury is the 29th total season of the show. 30 years of Power Rangers! How is that possible?) Search Netflix for “Power Rangers” right now and you’ll also find two seasons of Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel, two seasons of Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, and four seasons of the series’ very first iteration, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.


According to Deadline, the new season of Power Rangers “will feature new characters, new weapons, new Zords (with unique Megazord combinations!), and new vehicles including the Dino Fury Cycle, a T-rex inspired motorcycle with blasters.”

The Power Rangers franchise was created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy in the early 1990s. Then and now, it features American casts of actors who transform into brightly colored superheroes (mostly in footage repurposed from the Japanese Super Sentai series — which is now up to 45 seasons of its own). Along the way, there have also been three different Power Rangers big-screen movies, including Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The MovieTurbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and Power Rangers from 2017. A fourth Power Rangers movie is supposedly in development at Paramount.

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