If you're looking for a bargain then you'll want to head over to the Far East side of El Paso where it looks like Amazon "mystery boxes" are being sold at a cheap rate.

What Are Amazon Mystery Boxes?

Amazon "mystery boxes", or sometimes called "surprise boxes", are just exactly what the name implies, it's a mystery! According to an inside source I have at Amazon, Amazon sells pellets of unclaimed or returned boxes for about $100 and what you'll find in them are a surprise.

You don't know what you'll find in them, but it's thrilling enough to even think about what might be inside these boxes, and people who buy these pallets end up selling them- and now they're popping up all over Fabens and Socorro.

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As you can see from this local Facebook page, Surprise Boxes ELPTX, the boxes are kind of big, and being sold at either $40 a box, or for a bargain, three boxes for $100. Which doesn't seem like an unfair price.

According to my inside source at Amazon, you may very well end up finding some very valuable items in these boxes like gaming consoles, computers and various valuable electronics. But the downside is you can also find a couple of duds; it's a risk you have to be willing to take.

This is also kind of how a Black Fridays and other stores like that work. It's not a bad concept- and you could end up with some very valuable items!

I'm sure these type of stands have popped up all over the country, but for now, if you're in the Borderland you can follow this local Facebook page to see where you can find then next Surprise Box stand!

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