Well, the superstition I thought would help us win out the year backfired on me and the Cowboys lost this past weekend.

I don't know if it was because I wore the Atlanta Braves shirt or if it was my friends saying they were wearing theirs and then didn't but lied to me and told me they were.

Either way, it was not a good game and the  Cowboys did not look like themselves.

They had the worst stats of the year with 290 total yards 212 of that was passing yards, and 78 was rushing yards, both were season lows.

The other low stat was the time of possession which Dallas only had 18:48 also a season low.

Maybe we can blame it on the red stripe that was added to the helmets which Dallas has not had since the Bicentennial of our nation was celebrated in 1976.

Blame it on what you will and blame it on superstition but we cannot have any more games like that if we are wanting to go to the Super Bowl for the first time in 26 years just like the Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA finals since 1995 and the Atlanta Braves winning their first World Series since 1995 also.

All we Cowboys fans can do is hope that the team wakes up next week and we can win against the Atlanta Falcons.

Maybe the good juju from the Atlanta Braves will travel on the Falcons and land all over the Cowboys.

Superstitions be damned, we just need to play better than last week and win!!


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