Sunday morning about fifteen minutes before NFL Sunday kicked off I decided to create a Fan Duel team. With limited knowledge and time, I was pleasantly surprised at my success.

I have seen the ads for Fan Duel Fantasy Football the past couple of years, and my boyfriend plays in a league among friends, so I'm no stranger to how it works - I had just never played.

Aside from the free fantasy league that I played in two years ago, I had limited fantasy experience. With the boyfriend's help, I quickly I threw together my roster:

Mandee Montana
Mandee Montana

After last night's games, my team ended up with a total of 130.34 points and finished in 14th position out of 100. It certainly made watching the games more interesting. I was planning to watch the Cowboys host the giants, but knowing that Jason Witten was on my team made that game winning touchdown doubly exciting! I think I'll play next.