The biggest movie buffs know that sometimes a film's most interesting story isn't the one shown on the screen.

Most movies are in the works for years before audiences see the finished product for the first time: Scripts have to be written, studios have to purchase the distribution rights, actors and directors have to be brought on board, and so on until it hits theaters. Hundreds of people (and sometimes millions of dollars) are involved in the production, marketing, and distribution of the final product.

But the sheer scale of most movie productions leads to many places where things can go wrong, big changes can be made, and personalities can dramatically clash.

Film historians spend years digging deep into every aspect of these rich stories. Cast and crew members share wacky tales from behind the scenes. Did you know that a producer threatened to replace Peter Jackson with Quentin Tarantino if he didn't condense the Lord of the Rings trilogy into a single movie? This creates a treasure trove of information for casual fans and future Jeopardy! champions alike.

So, you think you're a cinephile? Or are you just really talented at trivia? It's time to find out. This quiz will test your knowledge about wacky production processes, budget woes, movies that almost didn't get made, behind-the-scenes actor quarrels and those scenes you never knew were ad-libbed on the spot.

Stacker used IMDb data to come up with trivia questions for the top 100 American-made motion pictures of all time. All movies included in this list received over 50,000 IMDb votes and were ranked by their user rating from lowest to highest. In the case of ties, movies that received more votes were favored.

There's a trivia question for every movie. Here's the first: This film opens with a voice over by Jack Nicholson as gangster Frank Costello, introduced through tense crime scenes as "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones provides the musical score. Any guesses?

Movie Trivia for the Top 100 Films

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