The naming committee has made its final decision on the new name for Midland Lee High School.

According to NewsWest 9, the MISD Citizen's Renaming Committee voted Thursday (September 17, 2020) to rename the high school "Legacy of Equality and Excellence High School."

The name of the Confederate General is gone but the name L. E. E. remains, only now it is an acronym.

The final decision will be left up to the School Board and the new name proposal will be presented at the board's October 19, 2020 meeting.

"The board has the ultimate decision as to what the new name of Robert E. Lee High School should be. We look forward to continue getting feedback. As to all the committee's recommendations, including name, mascot and other items, we want to make sure we rid ourselves of all confederate symbols and confederate associations. We hope to receive all such recommendations by our October 19th board meeting." said School Board President Rick Davis.

Stay tuned people, this is not a done deal yet.

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