Welcome to PopCrush's Daily Break! Here's a breakdown of today's hottest pop culture and lifestyle stories as heard on PopCrush Nights, airing across the country. Find out Carole Baskin's reaction to her missing ex-husband's family's DWTS commercial, what a monkey did after stealing a man's phone and more!

Monkeys Can Take Selfies, Too!

A man in Malaysia had his phone taken by a monkey while he was in the middle of a nap. The device went missing for two days and before mysteriously showing up in the owner's backyard! When the man went into his phone to see if there was any damage, he found hilarious selfies of the monkey bandit who swiped his cell, as well as slow motion videos, time-lapse clips, upside down pictures and more! (via TMZ)

Engagement Ring Sales Skyrocket During Pandemic

Jewelry stores such as The Clear Cut have taken matters into their own hands and have started to use social media to promote their products as engagement ring sales continue to rise during quarantine. In fact, The Clear Cut's revenue has reportedly increased by 330%, with potential buyers flooding their DMs to find out more details on rings. (via TMZ)

Carole Baskin Wants To Find Missing Husband

DWTS contestant Carole Baskin says she is all in on promoting the Lewis family's commercial which aired during her debut on the show this past Monday. The Tiger King star claims she sees the increased interest in finding her missing ex-husband as a "side benefit" to being on the dancing competition. (via TMZ)

Kindergarten Teacher Struggles to Keep Students Interacted on Zoom

A kindergarten teacher has gone viral on TikTok thanks a video showing her teaching her young students (remotely, of course) math with the utmost enthusiasm. (via Fatherly)

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Boxing Match Sometime This Year?

Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has been challenged to fight YouTube star Logan Paul sometime in 2020, say sources close to the boxer. No one has signed a deal yet, but Paul has been searching for someone reputable to fight ever since his November 2019 match against KSI. (via TMZ)

How to Blur Your House on Google Street View

If you value your privacy and do not like people knowing all of your information, good news: Google Street View now allows you to blur out your home in just a few simple steps! However, once you block your house from being seen, it will be permanently blurred. (via WPST)

DJ Khaled Spotted Riding His Bike on the Freeway

DJ Khaled was spotted in an Instagram video riding his bicycle next to traffic while going over a bridge. He appeared unbothered by the fans recording him.

Celebrities Accused of Terrible Crimes

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