Just when you thought the Miley Cyrus hype had died down a smidge, the twerkaholic made a surprise, walk-on appearance on 'SNL' last night (Oct. 26), smack dab in the middle of host Edward Norton's Alec Baldwin-assisted monologue.

Cyrus stole Norton's thunder for a hot second, wearing a crop top and saying that she will be going on tour. Some might say that she "host-bombed" him.

But it wasn't all about Miley, Miley, Miley. The singer also offered Norton her tips for a successful stint as an 'SNL' host, saying to have fun, to keep your energy up and to stick your tongue out, Miley style. He had a little trouble with that, which was scripted, of course.

It was actually fun and unexpected, and Norton was gracious in sharing his spotlight with those shameless self-promoters Baldwin, pimping his new MSNBC show, and Cyrus, spouting off her upcoming tour. Both were there under the "guise" of tipping Norton off on how to handle the high-pressure gig as an 'SNL' host.

Miley doing a drive-by on 'SNL' proves her place on the cultural barometer. Maybe she was staying in NYC after her fashion event to hang out with her reported boy toy Theo Wenner?