Mike Johnson got candid about his new romance with Demi Lovato.

The former Bachelorette contestant, who appeared on Hannah Brown's season of the hit ABC show, opened up about his relationship with the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer during a recent appearance on the Almost Famous podcast.

“We’ve gone on more than one date,” Johnson told co-hosts Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti. “I like her tattoos — we both have a lot of tattoos. Demi has more than me. And, uh, she kisses really well."

“I’m getting to know her for her,” he added.

The 31-year-old Texas native also praised Lovato for making the first move, revealing it's a trait he loves in a woman. “She definitely was the aggressor, you know, I find it incredibly sexy," he said. "I love that like, ‘come at me. You want me, come at me.’ I want you, I’m [going to] come at you. I’m coming at her as well.”

Johnson is, of course, referring to the fact that Lovato posted a picture of him to Instagram while the Bachelorette was airing, seemingly confessing her crush on him. This led to a bunch of flirty comments and then a date, which Johnson confirmed last week, telling ET that he and Lovato were "getting to know each other."

Elsewhere in his interview, Johnson revealed that even though he and Lovato are not officially boyfriend and girlfriend (yet!), he does have some reservations and fears about dating a celebrity.

"What scares me about it is that if Demi and I were not to become boyfriend/girlfriend, how people perceive that, which honestly I shouldn't give two shits about," he explained. "We do like each other, and we are getting to know each other but what if it were not meant to be? Then people are gonna speculate."

To hear Johnson's full interview, you can listen to the podcast here.

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