The historic Fairview Cemetery has fallen into disarray and is need of maintenance, and a group of concerned citizens are asking the county to make it happen.

According to CBS 7, The Friends of Fairview is a group of Midlanders that have family that has been laid to rest at Fairview, and most are family members that have been buried in the cemetery for a century or more.

The group is asking for the county to take care of Midland's oldest cemetery by upgrading its water system and budgeting for upkeep on the grass and overgrown weeds.

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“There is no sprinkler system out there. We actually have to move the sprinklers from one place to another, we actually have to move the pipes,” said Luis Sanchez, Midland County Commissioner of Precinct 3.

The lack of proper irrigation is what is causing the trees to be neglected and the weeds to take over the cemetery.

“When we budget for things right, so you budget to cut the grass and X amount of times. If it rains too much that’s something we didn’t budget for in the past. So these are some of the things we’re going to continue to upkeep, they just wanted us to pay attention to the fact that it needs more help than we used to give it,” said Commissioner Sanchez.

The commissioners' court is looking at spending at least $360,000 for an automated sprinkler system and other things to keep up the maintenance of the cemetery.

“We have to come up with a solution, and I look forward to making sure we get the best solution available. It seems like everyone is willing to do that,” said Commissioner Sanchez.

Midland County will hold a special meeting on October 7, 2021 to discuss the irrigation plan.

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