Thomason Drive in Midland has been under construction for a while now, but construction should be done by Spring 2022.

According to CBS 7, the reason it has taken so long is because of the severe winter storm that hit back in February.

Immediate repairs were needed after the winter storm before they could start working on the main project of resurfacing Thomason Drive.

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“The snowstorm in February caused the road to deteriorate even faster, so we partnered with Jones brothers to come out and get rid of all the I’m going to say bad asphalt, leaving the intersections knowing we were going to take them all out and improve them,” said Bobby Wojciechowski, City of Midland Construction Manager.

Other plans for the Thomason Drive project include a roundabout at the intersection of Thomason, Illinois, and Beal Parkway plus improvement to seven intersections to improve drainage.

But some residents in the area are tired of what seems like endless construction.

“I’ve started taking Wall to come over here to my house, I try to go around. I got new tires for my car around May and I’ve already had a flat tire,” said Sandra Macias.

Wojciechowski knows it is frustrating to the residents on and around Thomason Drive but reminds everyone it will be worth it once it is finished.

“I go through construction when I’m going from home, school, play, I know it’s an inconvenience but this will be for the betterment of the city. This is a work in progress but it will look good,” said Wojciechowski.

Construction should be wrapped up by Spring 2022.

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