City of Midland Aquatic divers are keeping their bodies and their minds in shape through the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to NewsWest 9, Sam Pickens and Tarrin Gililand are trying to make the most out of a situation of being stuck at home like the rest of us.

Without the proper training equipment and no way to work on their diving skills the Olympic hopefuls are finding alternate ways to keep mind and body in shape.

"Diving is almost 75 percent mental and the rest is physical," Pickens said. "You do a lot of physical training, but everything is so much based on, 'How mentally prepared are you?"

But eventually stay at home orders will be lifted and when that time comes, they feel they will be ready to dive back in.

"Staying calm when I start visualizing each dive," said Gilliland. "It's still gonna be scary but I know that my mind will be ready for it and my body."

Tarrin and Sam feel that the best part of this situation is that they are giving their bodies and minds the time they need to recharge.

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