With everyone being eligible for the vaccine here in Midland, some areas are travelling hundreds of miles to get the vaccine.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Midland Health reported that of the more than 50,000 people that got the vaccine in March, that around 2,000 of them showed a zip code that started with 7976 which is Odessa and others are showing 7991 which is the El Paso area.

“The state's been very clear on this,” Meyers said about people from coming from all over, including Mexico for shots. “We've asked them the question several times. There are no geographic restrictions to getting vaccinations at any site in Texas. So if you can produce some form of ID, and you're willing to tell us about yourself, including where you live, then we will put a shot in your arm even if you're from Mexico, and there are a handful (less than 20 people) with Mexico addresses who have been vaccinated so far.”

Meyers also stated there have been two or three other countries represented as well as other states in the Midwest.

“People who were in Midland for one reason or another and we didn't let their home country prevent us from giving them a vaccine. There have been probably five or six other states represented among the people we've given vaccines to, so we're not discriminating. If you're here and you're eligible, we'll give you a vaccine.”

But the most zip codes that Midland Health has seen have been from the El Paso area which has added up to more than 2,500 vaccines.

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