He's how old? He's my age? It can come as a surprise to discover celebrities who were born the same year as you. Famous people notoriously look younger than their actual ages due to their with vast resources for diet, fitness, plastic surgery and whatever secrets people like Nicole Kidman and Paul Rudd utilize to look forever young.

Actors and actresses, in particular, can seem ageless. Classic movies and television shows transcend time and have the uncanny ability to transport viewers through a variety of eras, cultural moments, and styles. In those movies and shows, we can visit the stars in their heydays and never witness them growing old.

It's also intriguing to discover actors who are exactly your age—and grew up in the same era as you did. They could have liked the same music, learned the same school lessons, and worn the same fashions.

Have you ever wondered what actors share your birth year? To find out, Stacker organized a list of celebrities' ages by looking at the top 10 actors for each year using IMDb's STARmeter and combined that with the most monthly Wikipedia page views for January through December 2020. This gallery begins with 1918, when William Holden of The Wild Bunch came into the world, and concludes with 2006 and Jacob Tremblay of Room and Before I Wake fame.

Hard as it may be to believe, Home Alone child actor Macaulay Culkin is now 40. Al Pacino is 80, Harrison Ford is 78 and Richard Gere is 71. The late Marlon Brando was born 97 years ago. Young actors like Noah Jupe and Xolo Mariduena hold out the promise of many more fine performances to come in the decades ahead.

The Most Famous Actor Born Every Year

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