It's a tradition to all who have lived in Midland for any amount of time, the annual Pancake Jamboree put on by the Downtown Lions Club of Midland.

According to NewsWest 9, it happened this past Saturday and each year it is the biggest fundraiser the Downtown Lions Club of Midland holds.

Every year they expect to see up to 3,000 people come through the doors of the Downtown Lions Club, so to prepare they make sure they have enough batter for 15,000 pancakes, 150-250 pounds of sausage links, 60 gallons of coffee, 60 gallons of Tang, and 2,000 cartons of milk.

All the money raised will primarily be used for the Texas Lions Camp for Special Needs Children that happens in Kerrville every summer. About 1,500 special needs kids go every year at no cost to the parents.

The annual event has traditionally been held sometime between February and April every year so if you missed out this year, make your plans for next year for the best pancakes and sausage in West Texas and also to help out a great cause.

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