Puerto Rican pride will be put to the test on the next Lip Sync Battle episode, when "Despacito" singer Luis Fonsi squares off against world-famous supermodel Joan Smalls. But which Puertorriqueño will push past the other to take the crown?

In a sneak peek of the next episode, Fonsi dons his best early-aughts Justin Timberlake mane (only a wig could properly recreate those curls) as he takes on N SYNC's iconic 2000 single "It's Gonna Be Me." Suited up in a white tank top — and with the help of a perfectly pop-star headpiece — Fonsi delivers a brand of aggression that gets host Chrissy Teigen fired up.

"That's such an iconic dance, oh, my gosh," Teigen says at the end of the preview. "I more than liked it."

In a separate preview of the show's newest episode, Fonsi issues a challenge to Smalls, and says that while she's beautiful and talented, she simply doesn't have a shot in hell where Lip Sync Battle is concerned.

"Today, you're going down. You are going down," he says. "Everything else, you've got me beat, but today, in this show, you're going down."

The fourth season of Lip Sync Battle, which premiered January 25, has so far crowned Taye Diggs over Erika Jayne, Ally Brooke over her fellow Fifth Harmony bandmates, Johnny Weir over Tara Lipinski, LaVar Ball over Lonzo Ball and Katy Bates over Tone Bell. The remaining episodes include the likes of Rita Ora, Charli XCX and the members of Pentatonix.

Lip Sync Battle: Puerto Rican Pride airs March 1 at 10 PM EST on Paramount Network.

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