Midland City Council and Midland Park Mall have agreed on what to do with the space to be vacated soon by the closing of Sears.

According to NewsWest 9, Simon, the company that owns the mall, contacted the City of Midland to discuss what was next for the vacated space to be left behind by Sears.

Simon has agreed to re-develop and find tenants for the empty space along with other sections of the mall.

According to the city, the agreement calls upon the demolition of the Sears part of the building and construction of at least 150,000 square feet of new retail space.

In a statement, Simon stated that they agree to develop the space into another department store or develop the space for premium retailers.

That means another department store could be put in the space or just divide the area up for several smaller retail stores.

Sears is scheduled to close its doors for good in April with the demolition and new construction to begin soon after.

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