The new animal shelter facility in Midland is getting closer to construction time.

According to NewsWest 9, not only will the new shelter be bigger but it will also allow the department to offer more services.

"We'd like to increase our services, we'd like to have a medical exam room so we can offer the possibility of in-house sterilization, we'd also like to offer in-house responsible pet ownership classes, low-class vaccination clinics, and increased services for the public," said Leah Lewis, the manager of Midland Animal Services.

As for the size of the facility, the current building is 7,000 square feet where the new building is planned to be between 10,000-14,000 square feet.

The increase in space will provide more kennels and outdoor dog runs which will give the animals more time to find someone to adopt them.

"Our goal is to house these animals as long as we can, so we can either get them to a foster program or adopt them out," said Ms. Lewis.

The present shelter would be demolished upon completion of the new building.

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