Talks about moving the airpark have been going on for years and years, but now talks are getting a little more serious.

According to NewsWest 9, Midland City Council has again brought up the subject of moving the Midland Air Park away from north Midland to another location, and that location would be the main airport.

“The first time the City of Midland inquired about the opportunity to potentially move the Midland Airpark to the main airport was in the 70s I believe," said Lori Blong, Midland City Council, District 4. "So that conversation has been revisited every decade since then.”

The reason for moving the airpark is that it sits on prime land for retail and real estate plus Arrington Oil and Gas says it has a lot of untapped oil in that area also.

“Yes, would it be excellent to have A Street opened up all the way to the Loop, I think all of us would agree how that would be very convenient for Midlanders," said Blong. "It’d be great to have all that developable real estate, but we also have to look at what the cost is for our community.”

The price tag for the move would be in the neighborhood of $100 million to move hangars and meet flying regulations.

“I think there are certain council members who are extremely interested in seeing this move forward and then there are others of us, myself included, who want more information," said Blong. "I have not fully developed an opinion.”

So for now the move is just a discussion, but it is getting more serious consideration than in the past.

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