With vaccinations slowing down, Midland Health has made the decision to close the mass vaccination site at the Horseshoe Arena at the end of April.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Russell Meyers, CEO Of Midland Health, said after the closing of the mass vaccination site, they will begin directing people to get their vaccine at United Supermarkets.

United Supermarkets will have "a substantial and ongoing supply of the vaccine," said Meyers.

Midland Health will also work with employers to get the vaccine to where people are working like they did with Diamondback Energy on Monday when they administered 48 vaccines to their employees.

Meyers stated the reasons for closing the Horseshoe Arena mass vaccination site was because the number of appointments is declining.

The Horseshoe saw 5,000 vaccines last week but Meyers says that number will be cut in half by the end of the month.

Meyers also said that the number of people getting the first vaccine is right around 100-200 a day now and there were 1,000 a day when the vaccination sites were at their peak.

Midland Health is also needing to relieve staff members from the duties of having to be at the vaccination sites which some have been at for the 3-4 months the vaccination site has been operational.

This also gives an end date for volunteers who have been very important to the success of the mass vaccination site.

The Horseshoe Arena is also coming up on events season and needs to be freed up so it can concentrate on that.

So the end of the mass vaccination site is coming at the right time.

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