Michelle Rodriguez, who has starred in five Fast & Furious entries and is also a woman, isn’t going to leave this alone: The franchise needs to do better by its women.

She made this point two months ago, when Fate of the Furious reached home video, saying that if things don’t change she “might have to say goodbye to a loved franchise.” That forced director F. Gary Gray to defend his film’s treatment of women. (He didn’t do a great job.)

Recently a TMZ reporter (is that what this guy-on-the-street-with-a-phone-camera is called?) caught up with Rodriguez and wondered if she still stood by her comments. “You’re not really gonna leave the franchise, are you?” he asked.

“My path is about female empowerment,” Rodriguez responded, as she walked through the streets of Beverly Hills. “And if I’m feeling a little stagnant in that area, in what I’m doing for a living, then I’m goinna have to move on.”

She then smiled and added, “Evolve or die, baby!”

The reporter, who to his credit wasn’t as intrusive as some of these types can be, pushed a little further and got Rodriguez to open up:

I hope they show some love to the women of the franchise, I’d like to see that. I’d like to see them talk to each other for a change... I could count with one hand how many times I’ve talked to the female actresses in the franchise. I think that’s kinda sad.

Here’s the whole clip:

In case you’re wondering, Fate of the Furious did pass the Bechdel Test — juuuust barely though. Rodriguez’s request, if enacted, would go a long way toward making the women of the franchise into actual, like, human beings. Who knows, it might even give the next entry some new creative life, something that was sadly missing from the last one.

Fast & Furious 9 and 10 are due out over the next couple of years.

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