Armie Hammer's virtual battle with James Woods took a turn for the scandalous Monday (September 11) when Amber Tamblyn got in the middle with an explosive claim.

Conservative gay author Chad Felix Green inadvertently provoked the Hollywood-spanning fight when he criticized Hammer's upcoming film Call Me By Your Name, which follows a 24-year-old grad student who falls for his professor's 17-year-old son. The movie has generated some early Oscar buzz, but Green made it clear he's not thrilled with the age difference between the film's main characters.

Woods, who saw Green's tweet, piled on the movie-bashing.

Hammer wouldn't let the remark go unanswered, though, and chimed in with his own tweet, slamming the 70-year-old Woods, whose current girlfriend was reportedly 20 when the couple first began dating in 2013 (Woods was 66 at the time). Woods also was rumored to have dated a woman who 19 or 20 when he was 60.

Tamblyn, 34, then got into the mix with a provocative accusation of her own, in which she claimed Woods once tried to whisk her away to Sin City when she was underage.

Woods said Tamblyn was lying and when someone on Twitter asked him, "What makes a 24yo/17yo gay relationship inherently indecent but skeevy old guys trying to pick up a pair of 16 year old girls is okay?," he issued a terse response.

Woods tried to write the exchange off as the consequence of liberal conspiracy. Still, he paid a compliment to Hammer before moving to wrap up the whole matter.

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