McDonald's is trying out a new version of their restaurants and they picked Texas as the place to test it out.

The new restaurant concept they are testing out is a restaurant where customers can order through an app or on a kiosk and get their order without any human interaction.

A video from a food blogger shows a conveyor belt serving customers after a code given to the customer at the time of purchase is entered.

“The way we McDonalds may be changing forever,” said food blogger Foodie Munster in his Instagram video, which has over 20,000 plays. “I got to say it worked pretty well, but of course, I did have to unbuckle and reach over to grab my food.”

The Ft. Worth restaurant is the only location testing out this type of service.

The jury is still out on how people are liking this type of service, but it seems the people who love new technology loved it, and those wanting human interaction hated it and say this is just McDonald's trying to cut out people for profits.

So whichever side of the fence you are on just know that some McDonald's restaurants have increased their wages to $13 an hour and have employed thousands of new employees company-wide.

But technology in our world continues to evolve and with that evolution means there are going to be cuts in human employment with some types of technology like this one, but until this prototype is tested out and bugs are worked out, there is no sign that in the near future, we will be going into humanless McDonald's.




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