Go ahead -- get your Hamburglar jokes ready.

Police in Columbia, Md. are on the hunt for a woman who squeezed through the doors of a McDonald's drive-thru in order to rob the establishment.

The brazen woman pulls up to the window and then leans in to grab a cup and tries to fill it up from the soda fountain before she decided to heck with it and decided to lug her body of her car and somehow finagles through the window like a human sardine.

Once inside, she finally gets that drink she longed for, even taking the precious seconds to put a lid on it (what thief wants to make a mess, right?) before she helps herself to a box of supplies or food.

And get this -- the woman's adventure reportedly lasted 37 minutes. That's almost as long as it feels like you have to wait for a new batch of fries to come up. It's unclear if the establishment was open or closed at the time the woman committed the crime, but if she was there that long and they were open, well, that just tells you they need to ramp up staffing at the drive-thru.

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