From playing popular mean girl Lana in The Princess Diaries, to providing the voice for perky Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled, early '00s bubblegum pop princess Mandy Moore has played some relatively iconic teenage girls on film. But none of these roles come close to the signer-actress's tear-jerking portrayal of cancer-stricken Jamie in Nicholas Sparks' teen drama, A Walk to Remember — a fact she reminded us all of on Thursday (April 28), when she posted a super nostalgic throwback on Instagram. The feeeeels...

While rummaging through her belongings on moving day (the actress is currently in the middle of moving to a new home), she unearthed a prop from the 2002 film: a framed photograph of Moore and costar Shane West in costume, posing for a wedding portrait as their characters.

"I think this was an actual prop from the movie," she shared on Instagram. "Not sure how I ended up with it but cool. Nice suit, @theshanewest!"

In the movie — spoiler alert! — Moore's Jamie sadly loses her battle with leukemia, but not before she falls in love with (and ultimately weds) West's high school dreamboat Landon, who woos her by helping her complete her bucket list. It's all very saccharine and sad and heartbreaking and perhaps a little sappy, but hey, it's based on a Nicholas Sparks book, so what do you want?

Anyway, some of us still cry during the climax of the film, so like, DON'T JUDGE.

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