Sorry to everyone who dared go through with their album release this week -- the charts belong to Beyonce and her massively successful (and equally brilliant) new album Lemonade.

Industry forecasters are saying the album may debut at No. 1 — something that should surprise absolutely zero people. According to Billboard, Lemonade has moved over 500,000 copies with over 700,000 equivalent albums earned.

The Billboard 200 chart takes into account true album sales, track equivalent albums and streams in order to properly rank the most popular releases of the week. And while Billboard won’t unveil the official chart positions until Sunday (May 1), it seems likely Lemonade will debut in the top spot.

Considering the critical acclaim of Lemonade, the splash it’s made across social media and the relentless conversation it’s sparked, this should come as no surprise. It’s also par for the course for Beyonce.

Billboard further reports that the "Hold Up" singer earned the No. 1 spot with her surprise self-titled release in 2013, the vastly underrated 4, her 2008 album I Am…Sasha Fierce, 2006’s B’Day and 2003’s Dangerously In Love.

Did you buy a copy of Lemonade? OR, did you instead subscribe to Tidal, the only music service where you can currently stream it? Did you also sign up for a trial version of HBO Now in an attempt to watch the visual album when it first dropped on Saturday (April 23)? Let us know exactly how you're consuming Beyonce's latest -- and whether you (mistakenly) believe another artist may somehow snatch the No. 1 crown from her -- in the comments below.

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