Epic fail! A man was mortified after he realized while applying for his "dream job" he made a giant error.

Jacques Paul took to TikTok explaining he accidentally uploaded a copy of his STD test results instead of a cover letter.

The 27-year-old had spent hours completing the online application, quickly realizing he had sent over his STD results to the prospective employer.

After a slight panic, Jacques realized he couldn't retract his application without having to explain to the recruiter the mishap.

"That time I was applying for my DREAM job at my DREAM company but accidentally submitted a pdf of my STD results as my cover letter," he captioned the post via TikTok.

Watch the clip here:

Jacques explained he quickly got a rejection letter from the company.

Luckily, he found another job and wanted to share his story as a way of 'destigmatizing mistakes," as well as addressing the stigma around sexual health.

"It was horrible at the time, but it's a funny story now. I was applying for this job while listening to music, checking the news, I was looking at covid rates, and doing something else on the side — I was multitasking," he explained in a separate TikTok, adding: "I'd just got my PDF [of my STD test results] downloaded, and I was all negative thankfully. But then I accidentally attached it to the job application and sent it in."

"You get an email confirmation of your application and it said to log in to see the status, which I did. I wanted to make sure everything was okay. Then I saw the PDF of the STD results and freaked out," he continued. "I freaked out and just waited hoping there was a very nice, sensible human on the other side seeing it and knowing it was an honest mistake and they'd reach out for the actual cover letter. But that obviously did not happen. Within 72 hours I got a standard message saying they weren't proceeding with the application. I figured I could follow up and ask for feedback, but I think I knew what it was."

The now-viral video has clocked over 1.3 million views, with many users commenting on the embarrassing mishap.

"I mean if anything it shows responsibility," one person wrote, while another commented: "HAHAHAHAHA I would simply need to move to another country."

"Hopefully your resume doesn’t say 'detail oriented,'" a third said, while a fourth scoffed: "The real crime is asking people for a cover letter!"

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