Known for her intoxicating songs about love, melancholy and tragedy, Lana Del Rey is the queen of moody, vintage-styled pop music.

Born Elizabeth Grant on June 21, 1985, the Honeymoon artist got her start in New York City in the mid-2000s, performing around Manhattan as Lizzy Grant. After relaunching herself as lounge-pop vixen Lana Del Rey, her music video for "Video Games" went viral in 2011 and her smash hit album, Born to Die, was released in 2012.

Today, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter is a staple in the music industry, where fans hang on her every breathy verse and studio execs scramble to capture the enchanting magic of her wistful, retro-romantic artistry.

Above, see photos of Lana Del Rey through the years, from her early days as a dive bar singing hopeful to her status as a bona fide festival-headlining diva.

Lana Del Rey's Best Live Vocals:

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