How did someone hack major Spotify pages for major artists such as Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Future and Pop Smoke?

On Tuesday (December 1), a man who identified himself as "Daniel Lahooti" and @lilweej69 on Snapchat hacked multiple musicians' official Spotify accounts.

Each page was updated with a mirror selfie and a Snapchat Snapcode. Del Rey's page was also updated with an image of Taylor Swift in her biography section.

In addition to their images being changed, he shared the same message in their biography sections.

“Daniel Lahooti fu--ed this sh*t up,” he wrote. "Add my Snapchat @ ego. S/O my boy Evan Bain day 1 brotha. Trump 2020.” His description concluded with a message to one celebrity he didn't hack: “Best of all, shout out to my queen Taylor Swift."

Spotify has thankfully reverted the profiles back to their original settings, but you can see screenshots of the digital chaos in action, below.


The wacky hack comes directly after the streaming giant released its yearly "Wrapped" feature for users. Lipa's song "Don't Start Now" was the fifth most-streamed song in the world this year.

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