If you have been trying to get take out from The King & I in Midland and haven't been able to get through to them, they have been without phone service for the past couple of weeks.

According to NewsWest 9, The King & I has taken a big hit on their business since they lost their phone service from AT&T a couple of weeks ago.

"They assured me that they were going to try and get it back up this Friday. They’re gonna send a technician out here and it's probably the fifth time, but they told me that they're gonna send someone out there and they do. They come out here, but it seems like they're here for like half an hour and then they’re gone and the phones are still down so we’ll see what happens," said Noppon Leonard, Operations Manager of The King & I.

The reason this is such a big deal is because the restaurant relies on phone-in orders for the majority of their business during COVID-19.

"80 percent of our sales comes from takeout so it has affected our business and affected our employees. Also, when people call all they get is a busy signal so there’s no way of them knowing what’s going on," said Leonard.

Business is down by about 60 percent according to Leonard and he hopes to see business rebound once the phones get fixed.

"Maybe after New Year’s. Right now, with Christmas, it's going slow because people are saving to go shopping and that’s understandable but it definitely has been down more than what it used to be compared to last year," Leonard said.

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