In a TikTok posted Dec. 5 that's steadily going viral, Kim Kardashian and her family were spotted at Disneyland via a security guard covering their Space Mountain ride photo.

"My dad checked her bag, he said they were surprisingly nice lol," one viewer claimed in the comments.

Another person added, "I saw Kourtney like 3 feet away from me at avengers campus lolll."

Since the security guard failed to cover the photo code, though, fans were able to track it down using the Disney PhotoPass on the My Disney Experience app, which revealed Kim enjoying the ride while wearing a Gucci jacket.

The Kim K sighting was further corroborated by a fan called @lindsayerykah on TikTok, who posted a video of Kardashian standing with a group of people in the park. One of the people appeared to be her sister Kourtney Kardashian.

"Did they cut the line at the teacups again and make everyone else wait while they had the ride to themselves like last time," one commenter joked.

In April 2022, Kardashian and her family were dragged on TikTok for cutting the line to ride the iconic Alice in Wonderland teacups.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian were documented riding the teacups with their kids while a crowd of onlookers waiting in line were forced to wait and watch.

"When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves and make us common folk wait and watch them... typical. It seemed like forever!" the person who posted the footage of the teacups ride said at the time.

Mostly, though, people were amused by Kim's ride photo and the fact that she's so unfairly photogenic, even during a roller coaster ride.

Plus, some wished they could hire someone to block their unfortunate ride photos.

"Damn she thinks of everything. I need to hire someone to block my ride photos cause I be making some crazy faces," one person joked.

Others were jealous that they weren't there to witness Kardashian and family in person.

"The one day I’m not working at [Space Mountain]," one person lamented in the comments.

Another viewer added, "SHUT UP! I was at Disneyland yesterday!!!!! Was it yesterday!?!?"

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