What is it they say...yoga pants, drunk folks, and kids tell the truth? Ain't that the truth! Have you ever tried asking your kids what they think of you? To be honest, sometimes you don't even have to ask, some days the info is just offered, unsolicited. Like the other day, close to bedtime when my 8-year-old says out of the blue, 'you look different without makeup.' (a look of disapproval on her little face) Translation? You look awful and tired mom and you really need makeup at all times. 

I knew what she meant, and she was grounded for a week after that. I kid I kid. Either way, I dared ask 2 of my 3 children the other day in conversation what phrases I say often to each of them? These were their answers:

  • my teen-you yell at me a lot-I proceeded to inform him that in fact, I do try to calmly ask him 35 times to do something before raising my voice
  • BOTH-you always threaten we're going to be grounded but it never happens lol *noted*
  • my 8 year old-you tell me to wash my hands all the time (germ-a-phobe!)
  • teen-you always tell me to eat something, even when I'm not hungry!
  • little one-you ask me if I've brushed my teeth, fed the dog and cleaned my room all the time (the nerve of me)
  • BOTH-take your shoes off at the door!

I mean compared to how it was when I was their age, I would say hands down they have it easy. Both of these little nuggets. Geez. You would think I treat them like the step sisters treated Cinderella! Ask your kids what you say to them on a regular basis, the answers may surprise you.

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