Justin Bieber made a bold bid for king of the jungle last night (March 20) when he debuted a pair of new tattoos that look like pages ripped straight from the adventures of Mowgli.

Bieber, who sports more than 50 tattoos, unveiled a bear design on his chest and an eagle tattoo on his belly in a pair of Instagram stories that fans have since captured and posted to Twitter. And both animals look primed to strike: the eagle's got its talons extended and looks ready to swoop up prey while the bear's delivering one hell of a battle cry.

And fans seemed to be on board with Justin's new ink — one tweeted "@justinbieber is strong as a bear and free as an eagle I like your new tattoos" while another noted "Love your new tattoos! @justinbieber All of them seem to have meaning and thats great!"

The size of the new tattoos considered, they're probably not Bieber's most surprising. In May 2016, he unveiled a cross tattoo under his eye that the piece's artist said "represents his journey in finding purpose with God.”

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