A gorgeous and very pregnant Natalie Portman stars in James Blake's new video for "My Willing Heart" from 2016's The Colour in Anything. Shot shortly before Portman gave birth to her daughter Amalia Millepied on February 22, the Anna Rose Holmer-directed visual sets as as dreamy and meditative a mood as Blake's song does.

Portman, who skipped the 2017 Oscars despite her Best Actress nomination for Jackie because she'd had her second child days earlier, swims in a large body of water that's top-lit to celestial effect. She also sits on a bed in underwear and a cardigan, cradling her hugely-swollen belly — and around the 02:15 mark, there's a shot that's both hypnotic and a little surreal as the gestating fetus makes itself known with some surface-rippling kicks. Oh, the mystery of life! A wee pair of hands (possibly belonging to Portman's five-year-old son Aleph?) also make a cameo.

Watch Natalie Portman in James Blake's black-and-white "My Willing Heart" video below.


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