Justin Bieber is collecting tattoos at a rapid clip. The singer, currently under fire after photos of him smoking a blunt surfaced, shared two photos of his latest ink, an Indian chief on his back, in the shoulder region.

The Biebs revealed that the tattoo was inspired by his grandfather, and indirectly, his home country's favorite sport.

His caption was:

My grandfather always took me to the stratford culliton every friday night this is for u Grampa ... My man @chenterios hooked it up.

What's a Stratford culliton?

Well, let us enlighten you. The Stratford Cullitons are a junior ice hockey team in the singer's hometown of Stratford in Ontario, Canada. The Indian chief is the team's logo and symbol, and Biebs got a loyal rendering of the logo on his skin. The Cullitons were originally known as the Warriors but their name was changed in on honor of the Culliton brothers who sponsored them.

The Biebs, like his bros in One Direction, continues to add to his ink inventory and to pile on the tattoos. But we must give him props for getting a tattoo that is a dedication to his grandfather and their weekly ritual. That's very sweet of him.

The tattoo looks cool, too.

As for his other body art, The Biebs just updated the Christ tattoo on his calf. This Indian chief looks a bit like his owl tattoo, in the shading and the details.

The Biebs sure has an ink and needle fetish.

Pop Crushers and Beliebers, what's your take on Biebs' newest tattoo? Do you love it?


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